Giorgio in the Italian and American reviews

On December 1st, Giorgio opened the AXIOM concert at Alice Tully in NYC with very successful reviews by the New York Classical Review. “Consolati played with an agile mind, expressing his ideas about the music through the shape of his phrases and the way he vigorously drove through each line”… read more here:


MusicalAmerica was also at the concert! “Giorgio Consolati showed expertise with pacing and technique, including extensive trills and flutter-tonguing, all interspersed with accents delivered like small darts. His lustrous tone was balanced by a mischievous streak—as if Shakespeare’s Puck had decided to take up the instrument”… read more here:


In November Giorgio Consolati and pianist Chantal Balestri gave the premiere of Roberto Piana’s “Variations on a theme by Beethoven” which received great success from the public! Here are some excerpts from two main Italian music magazines:

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